Thank you
Thank You to All the
Contributors to Riding Fear Free and This Website!

Henry and Marie Te Velde
Vicki and Katie Strickland
Jennifer, Erin, and Laura Hooker 
Kenny, Johanna, and Kaleb Fischer
Ellyn, Chris and Kaitlyn Dickson
Charlene and Stephanie Clegg
Sondra and Sarah Marcus
Kymber Miller
Susan Calvin
Ester White

Vicki Strickland Photography (Facebook or Website)
Jim and Emily Bush
Glenn and Jenny Etherton Bruce
Alicia VanderMeulen
Jennifer Becton
Sandy Detmer
Kenny Fischer
Bert Becton
Laura Daley
Dave Daley


Lydia Beccard
Jim Bush

Also, thank you to the Kjeldgaard family: Eric, Lisa, Nicholas, Kate, Stephen, Matt, Chris, Jack, Charlie
and Grace. 
Agape Children's Ministry

And Thank You to Our Friends at One Oak Farm Paints and Quarter Horses for hosting Camp Daley II.
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